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Started Kendo in 1962 at the age of 18. Spent a year training in kendo at the Dojo of Oura Yoshihiko sensei in Fukuoka when 20. 

U.K Team Captain at the First World Kendo Championships in Tokyo in 1970 gaining a Fighting Spirit Prize as a nidan. 

Lived in Japan between 1970 and 1974 studying Japanese language at Waseda University and training in kendo at a local Dojo in downtown Tokyo. 

Over the years taking part in many kendo taikai in the UK and Europe, initially as a competitor, and later as a referee at European and World Championships. 

Eventually reached kendo nanadan (7th dan) at the World Championships in Paris in 1994. 

During a six month stay in Japan in 1979 met Ishido Shizufumi sensei and started training seitei iai and Muso Shinden-ryu at his Dojo in Kawasaki. 
A year after began jodo training, initially with Hiroi Tsunetsugu sensei and later with Ishido sensei. 

With a background in Kendo, and top instruction was able to make steady progress in iaido and jodo, traveling to Japan once or twice every year. Passed iaido nanadan in 1998 in Ibaragi and two years after was able to pass jodo nanadan in Tokyo. 

With Louis Vitalis of Holland Jock is one of only two Europeans who hold nanadan (7th dan) in all three disciplines. 

Eishinkan Dojo was started in 1984.

Jock’s teacher is Ishido Shisufumi sensei who is 8th Dan Hanshi iaido, 8th Dan Kyoshi jodo and 7th Dan Kyoshi kendo. Ishido Sensei also holds Menkyo in Shindo Muso-ryu Jodo.

Interview with Jock Hopson sensei